After The Peak: the issues of Peak Oil

What Are The Issues around Peak Oil?

You can't live without oil.
You don't want to live with a lot less oil.
But we have been pumping more oil every year for a century. It can't last.

The end of cheap oil is coming. One characteristic of the end of cheap oil will be highly variable, fluctuating prices for all products derived from oil. Gasoline prices over $3.00 a gallon isn't the end of cheap oil. The end of cheap oil will look a lot worse than that. Unfortunately.

The use of oil is pervasive in our society; everything seems to depend on it in some way. Therefore, everything will be impacted. Transportation will be affected, of course, since our vehicles require oil and gasoline and diesel fuels. Everything that depends on transportation will be affected: commuting, food supplies, vacations, sports, school busses and airplane travel. Everything that is made from oil will be affected: plastics almost too numerous to imagine from blister packs for batteries to surgical apparatus to toys, fertilizers, various kinds of paving materials, and so on.

The "Peak Oil" page is a basic explanation of what this term means to us. "Why This Film?" explains the link between the form of the film and the nature of the issue. The "Data" page describes three sample facts - with charts - that will help you understand. "Links" is just that, links to various sites focussing on this issue. "Showings" is about where After The Peak is being shown and how to set up a showing of the film in your community and the "Solutions?" page is our attempt to suggest some of things you can do to help.

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