The News Team Cast Members:

William Stutts, Jr as Guy Fox, Anchor
Jackie Marriott as Gail Sun, Anchor
John Honeycutt as Jim Allen, Interviewer
Theo Wormley as Spike Dunlap, Sports
Meagan Douglas as Kate Walker, Reporter

Featured Cast

Veteran actor Kerry Maher portrays our other principal role, a man frustrated to the point of no return by the problems he faces.

Emad Aly portrays oil expert Professor Ahmed Hasani.

Darlyne McLeod portrays a woman interviewed buying gas.

Cricket Ellis portrays a woman interviewed buying gas.

Randle Kennedy portrays the manager of the gas station.

Darrell Parker portrays the gas station guard.

Angela Ray portrays Sarah Farrington, nurse.

David Smith portrays farmer, Clyde Ernest.

Alex Wilson portrays the grocery store manager.

Les Puryear portrays the Orange County Sheriff.

Bob Downing portrays the School Superintendent.

John Demers ("JD") portrays the race track owner.
Sherri Rose
Sherri Rose portrays the wife of the race track owner.

Jeff Joslin portrays the University Director of Athletics.

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