What People Are Saying!

We are pleased to announce that we have just signed a contract for the television rights for South Africa. (April 2009)

From review by Mick Winter on DryDipstick.Com April 22, 2008:

  • "This is a film that should stimulate discussions in households and gatherings around the country. Show it to some friends and neighbors who know nothing about Peak Oil and see what their reaction is. And then be prepared for some serious, very concerned, questions. If they have none, we may be in even more trouble than many of us think."

    "As producer/writer Jim McQuaid has said, After the Peak is not aimed at the Peak Oil-aware audience, but rather at those who have little or no awareness of oil depletion at all. It's intended to show a likely future through the eyes of a medium that most people are very familiar with the evening news."

    "Instead of breaking to commercials between news reports, the film cleverly breaks to well presented information on oil production statistics. The information is very clear and very appropriate.."

From the Chapel Hill Herald paper after the community preview in 2007:

  • "In the movie, skyrocketing gas prices force gas station owners to employ armed guards.... School systems would only be able to afford to transport 10 percent of students via school buses. After the movie, which received loud applause, three panelists gave presentations and fielded questions from the crowd."

From Mike Lanier, an Agricultural Economic Development Agent in North Carolina:

  • "After The Peak is an excellent short film that gives people a taste of some of the day-to-day difficulties we will all face once the decline in oil production becomes a reality. I highly recommend it for anyone who cares about the future for their children, grandchildren, or themselves."

From Kerry Cox, Communications Professor at Craven Community College in North Carolina, to his colleagues:

  • I've gotten a copy of Jim McQuaid's docudrama that we're going to be using in the "Amazn Artz @ CCC" series. I'd like for you to see it. This is a film which the community needs to see -- environmental groups, parents, commuters, everyone. It's a mock newscast from the near future about how dwindling oil reserves may soon affect people on the local level. Somewhat scary film but relevant to us all. (I'm already spending around $70 a week on gas just to come to work - and that's at today's prices, not tomorrow's!) ... I want you to see this asap.

From Claire Britt, a citizen, who saw the film at one of the North Carolina showings:

  • After the Peak pieces together numerous elements and impacts of a gasoline crisis on a local, national and global basis, and yet its focus on the real-person stories and resulting pressure points helped me to feel the genuine person-to-person pain that is contained in this crisis. This deeply moving film needs to be required viewing as deeper awareness and viable solutions are sought.

From Bernhard Hangar, a former power plant engineer and environmental activist in Windhoek, Namibia:

  • I am impressed with the scope of effects that you have covered and the absence of sensationalism. The whole feature is so normal it could replace the 8 o'clock news. . . . Congratulations on a very succinct look at this imminent situation.

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